Welcome to our website. Mostly we’re a presence on Facebook:  A group of like-minded individuals fed up with lazy, inconsiderate dog owners who neglect tidying up after their pets. The name comes from the dutch signage that inspired my artwork and translates to “Dog In The Gutter” thought the idea is really for something more along the lines of leaving no trace.

Eventually this site will host the cleverest, funniest and most creative solutions for reminding the offenders of their civic duty. For now here’s the original offense that inspired action...

I created these pooh flags to shame a neighbor who repeatedly left their dog’s steaming pile of fecal architecture outside my door. You can download either the yellow flags or the pink ones for free. I recommend using wooden fondue sticks or skewers instead of the toothpicks shown in order to elevate the flags to a more noticeable height.

If you use the flags, PLEASE take a picture and upload it along with your city/state/country and story to the Facebook Group or to admin@scoopthepoop.net and i’ll post it here.

I had a custom aluminum sign made for outside my home. It’s the same size as a typical american No Parking sign. Still waiting for it to arrive. I’ll post a picture here when it’s installed. If it turns out to be worthy and i can keep the cost down, I may print a limited run and sell them on this site. Email me if you’re interested.

For now, see the panel below or click here for related anti-dogpoop swag.
(For items using more cathartic language, change your zazzle account settings to PG-13 or higher).

email me admin@scoopthepoop.net

The signage arrived. It’s now installed. I give it a week until someone complains and/or the city takes it down. I have a few more signs, so there’s always the option to just put one in my window... we’ll see how it goes.